Miss Rachel Hind is our Pharmacist

Confused about your medicines? Worried about side effects? Thinking about stopping a medicine?

Understanding what your medicines are for, how they work, when and how to take them and why they should be taken as prescribed can help to make sure you get the best results from medicines.

Making the Most of Your Medicines

Our new practice-based clinical pharmacist is here to answer any questions you may have about your medicines. She can:

  • Help you to understand your medicines so that you can make decisions about your treatment
  • Discuss with you your experiences of taking, or not taking medicines
  • Listen to your views about your medicines, and how they affect you
  • Look for ways for you to use your medicines that fit in with your daily life
  • Find solutions to any problems you might have with your medicines
  • Jointly agree with you the desired outcomes from treatment, and if any monitoring is needed before and during treatment

This is called a ‘medication review,’ and is a service available to any patient in the practice.

In addition, our pharmacist will help to implement national and local guidelines relating to medicines, ensure smooth communication of information about medicines between hospital and GP surgery, and reduce costly waste of medicines. This will be monitored by a process known as ‘audit’ which seeks to improve and change patient care through reviewing care against set standards.

The pharmacist will help the surgery to manage people with long term conditions, advise people who are on a lot of medicines and review people who are frequently admitted to hospital, particularly older people.

If you think you would benefit from a medication review by our pharmacist, please contact the surgery to arrange an appointment.